Trudy Bialic

Director of Public Affairs

PCC Naturals Markets

Trudy Bialic joined PCC Natural Markets in 1992 to work for a mission she could believe in — growing the organic food movement and the cooperative business model.  She brought 15 years of experience as a network radio and TV news reporter, writer and producer and still uses those skills to advocate food production methods that encourage a cleaner environment and healthier choices.

As PCC Natural Markets’ Director of Public Affairs and Quality Standards, she develops company positions on USDA organic standards, FDA regulatory proposals, animal welfare and social justice initiatives, and leads a quality standards team. She ran several PCC letter-writing campaigns to Congress for labeling GE foods in the early 2000s and served as co-chair of Washington’s campaign to label GE foods in 2013.  For the past five years, she has served on the Non-GMO Project Standards Committee and the Non-GMO Project Board.  PCC pledged in 2012 to label GE products in its stores by 2018.