Melanie Reid

Human Resources Consultant

CDS Consulting Co-op

Melanie Reid is a human resources consultant and a member of the CDS Consulting Co-op. Melanie has been involved with natural food co-ops since 1996.  Early in her co-op career, she discovered her calling as a people developer and held the position of Human Resources Manager for 12 years in two different co-ops. She also served as General Manager of Just Food Co-op in Northfield, MN for 4 years. A strong believer in building and supporting a culture of empowerment, Melanie saw much success at the Co-op during her time as GM, growing the business from its early stages of development to a sales volume of $5 million a year.

Melanie’s areas of expertise include understanding and developing organizational culture, improving HR practices and leadership development. Melanie is passionate about creating healthy, participatory workplaces in our food co-ops and thinks that begins with strong leadership. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others and commands a room with her engaging presentation style and warm personality.