Ben Goldberg

Finance Manager

New Leaf Market Co-op

I started working for New Leaf Market Co-op in 2002, making this my 15th year with the Co-op. I was originally hired as a cashier and after rising to a customer service position, and further to a Floor Manager position; I was hired as the Assistant Finance Manager. At that time of my transition to the administrative side of the organization, New Leaf Market was small enough that our then Finance Manager was able to also handle HR responsibilities. A couple of years later the Co-op’s growth created an opportunity for me to be hired as the Finance Manager.

I bring many years of managerial experience having risen to that role at nearly all of my places of employment, with the exception being a clerk in Collections at a law firm. I also bring financial strengths having attended FSU with a business course load as well as employment positions that emphasized cash-handling skills development.

Throughout my professional growth I have learned that I truly have a passion for making people happy and a desire to serve my customer’s needs, no matter who is on the receiving end. In my current role as Finance Director, I have many customers and uphold my responsibility to them with integrity and absolute focus. Although challenging at times, working for the Co-op and its owners has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can count. Being part of such a positive cooperative movement, not only in natural foods, is something for which I will forever be grateful.